Tax & Corporate Compliance

In addition to methodically preparing income tax and financial statements, NetSurplus specialises in comprehensive tax and corporate compliance services. By professionally managing your tax positions, we streamline your operations to ensure tax efficiency and compliance. You can rely on NetSurplus for accuracy and peace of mind.

We're the Tax & Corporate Compliance Experts

At NetSurplus, our service revolves around client-centric tax effectiveness. We conduct a
comprehensive evaluation of your financial, personal, and tax structures to minimise your
tax liabilities. Our diligent approach ensures your financial well-being and peace of mind.

When you choose NetSurplus for Tax and Corporate Compliance, you can expect:

Our Process

With our simple 5-step process, you can ensure completely seamless tax-compliance. Here are our easy steps:

  1. Meet with our tax consultants
    Our tax consultants will ask questions about your financial situation and
  2. Review and analysis 
    Our tax experts will review and analyse your documents and information. They assess your eligibility for deductions, credits and exemptions based on the client’s unique circumstances  
  3. Tax return and financial statement’s preparation
    We prepare the tax returns by calculating the tax liabilities and complete the necessary forms, tax schedules and financial statements. We identify opportunities for tax deductions and savings.
  4. Review with the client
    Our tax consultants will sit down with you to review your return, explain deductions, tax liabilities or refunds, and answer any questions the client may have
  5. Filling and submission
    Once the tax return is approved by the client, we will lodge the return with ATO
Frequently Asked Questions

Engaging a tax professional ensures that your business is compliant with the tax legislation. The tax professionals stay informed about the tax law changes, keep the accurate records for their clients, and regularly review and update the tax strategies.

A tax audit is a review of the client’s financial records and tax returns requested by the tax authority. To prepare for an audit, consider seeking professional assistance from a registered tax advisor; they will help you prepare for the documents and
facilitate the process with the tax authority.

In Australia a mix of direct and indirect taxes are levied by the federal and state and territory governments. The federal government taxes include income tax, GST, and Fringe benefit. On the other hand, the state governments tax the business on payroll, land, and charge stamp duty

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