About NetSurplus

Our mission is to achieve outstanding outcomes for our clients by focusing on three strategic pillars:

1. Efficiency

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to optimise business processes, boost productivity, and minimise costs

2. Value Proposition

Crafting a compelling and distinctive value proposition by overseeing business operations and delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of our clients

3. Compliance

Upholding the highest standards of Tax and compliance regulations and ethical practices to rebuild confidence in client’s business

Kiana Rad


With over 20 years of experience in corporate sector and SMEs, Kiana has extensive knowledge in hospitality, travel and tourism, and corporate finance and systems. She works closely with business owners focusing on system management and review, corporate structuring, board reporting, and tax and compliance.
Kiana has played a key role as an executive account advisor in some of the largest corporate systems such Tramada, and Cross-check travel where she was responsible for the operations of complex corporate systems and tax obligations. She specialises in structuring client’s accounting eco-system and giving GST and payroll advice to many SME clients.

Ash Rad


Ash has over 20 years of experience in complex corporate environments such as financial services, and infrastructure. He speciliases in providing outsourced CFO services to SMEs for over a decade focusing on providing value to his clients. Ash advises clients on various matters including corporate structuring, accounting systems, tax and compliance. 

With extensive expertise in accounting and tax systems, he has collaborated closely with diverse boards and senior business leaders to execute sophisticated tax and business strategies, both in corporate settings and SMEs

Advisory Board

The NetSurplus Board of Advisory comprises four members with a wealth of expertise in accounting and tax advice, liquidation and insolvency, and commercial law. The primary goal of the advisory board is to provide SMEs access to top-notch advice, enabling them to effectively navigate and succeed in their business operations.

Ash Rad


Partner & General Manager

With over a decade of experience in SMEs, Ash provides CFO services to various business across different sectors including hospitality, property, trades, and investments. Ash spends a lot of time spending time with clients and give continuous advice in tax, business transactions, business processes and restructuring. Ash is committed to transform the accounting and tax functions for his SME clients with a focus of long-term success and prosperity.

Louisa Sijabat

Merchants Advisory


For more than 16 years, Louisa Sijabat has been assisting businesses, business groups, and individuals through restructuring, turnaround, and insolvency processes, helping them in making informed decisions to reset and progress. Her assistance extends across various industries, including hospitality, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, construction, trades, services, professional services, medical, and more. Her approach is characterised by clarity, simplifying complex matters, and offering practical solutions.

Amber Hopkins

Open Legal


Amber has over 16 years’ experience as a solicitor, specialising in commercial law.  She has acted on behalf of a large number of businesses across various industries. Amber has a wealth of experience assisting clients with varied legal aspects of operating a business, including establishing the appropriate legal structure, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts, managing employee issues and collecting outstanding debts. She enjoys collaborating with her clients to achieve practical and cost-effective legal outcomes. 

Peter Johnson

Tax Advisor


Peter is a specialised tax advisor with years of experience in tax and advisory. Peter established NSW Shelf Companies that that serviced the accounting profession and untimely listed in Stock Exchange and was acquired by Challenger limited in 1999. After the disposal of his business, he has been running accounting and financial planning businesses specialising in Self- Managed Superannuation and Small Business CGT Concessions. Peter currently provides high level taxation advice as well as training other accountants through his business Advisers Digest