Your Expert Small Business Accountant & Advisor

Your Expert Small Business Accountant & Advisor

The right small business accountant can make all the difference. At NetSurplus, we firmly believe in deeply engaging with each of our clients, with timely, regular and efficient support and true value-adding expertise.

We are an innovative and forward-thinking chartered accountant firm that specialises in being the right small business accountant for each of our clients. Our expertise across  various sectors allows us to be a true partner to your business and provide expert advice and tailored solutions. Through us, your company will be running like clockwork.

What To Look For In An Accountant For A Small Business?

  • You want a small business accountant that truly understands small business. A good accountant for a small business is familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities that your business, in your sector will face. They will tailor their advice and services to your specific needs.
  • A good accountant for a small business knows everything about the specific tax laws and regulations that apply to small businesses. They should be able to help you understand the tax benefits for small business and specific industry regulations, and how to minimise your tax liability while staying compliant with the law.
  • Small business owners are time poor and every minute spent working on the books reduces their time to generate income. A good accountant for a small business leverages a range of services and automation to reduce the time you spend managing your business. You want a small business accountant that will deliver bookkeeping, financial reporting, payroll management, and cash flow analysis.
  • You want a true partner to your business. Not only should your small business accountant be responsive and accessible at all times, but you want them to be strategic. A good accountant for a small business will behave like a true arm and partner to the success of your business.
At NetSurplus, our strength is that our services are not  focused on tax and compliance. Small businesses can also rely on us to support them with ongoing reporting requirements (banks, shareholders, board of directors, senior management etc), and we can provide insightful and meaningful business reports to facilitate and improve your decision-making processes. We bring many years of deep expertise into each of our clients, making us a true point of difference for each of our clients.

The NetSurplus Difference

We pride ourselves on being a leading accountant for small business by being about more than just costs. Our clients value us for being able to engage with them deeply, and support their business in finding new opportunities and growing, while maintaining a healthy cashflow and daily operations.

  • We embrace automation: Working side-by-side with automated processes, we free you to focus on your business and opportunities. 
  • We’re always available: We won’t miss calls and you won’t have to chase us for a week. We believe in ongoing discussions and regular catch-ups to ensure we’re adding value to your business.
  • Our fees are fixed: We aim to partner with each of our clients over the course of years. For this reason, we have a fixed fee structure that allows you budget and cashflow certainty.
  • We focus on growth, not cost: Too often a small business accountant will have a single goal: reduce costs. But this can mean that you miss opportunities in the market. Our expert and strategic advice is focused on adding value, whether that be reducing costs or pursuing the next big opportunity.

How Can NetSurplus Help Me?

You’re engaging with a small business accountant because you need help managing the financial side of your business. Most of our clients have these three questions for us:

  • What tax deductions am I eligible for? . We help clients ensure they’re getting their maximum benefits available by monitoring the development of new tax legislations, and applying the current laws.
  • What is my current financial position? A good small business accountant will conduct a full audit of your financial position. We can then help you build a budget that is orientated towards your business’ goals. Whether you are looking to grow, acquire, or exit, we can help you put your business in an optimal position.
  • How can I improve my business’s financial performance? Strategic support is everything when it comes to finding the right accountant for a small business. At NetSurplus we care deeply about each of our clients, and our first priority is helping you how to prioritise your strategic goals to get more out of your business.

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