Business advisory services that add strategic value to your business

Business advisory services that add strategic value to your business

NetSurplus is much more than an accountancy firm. Our business advisory services are second to none, and will add real value to your business.

What are business advisory services?

Business advisory services are highly specialised services provided by us that will help you to make strategic business decisions. Our goal is to help you boost your business’ financial performance, reduce costs, and grow. We do that by getting deep into your business, understanding its challenges and the market opportunities, and then tailoring our advice and services to help you maximise your approach.

Just some of what is involved in our business advisory services include:

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is critical to business health. Especially for small businesses. Poor cash flow management can lead to cash shortages, an inability to chase new opportunities and, ultimately, business failure. At NetSurplus, our team will help you understand and create cash flow projections, monitor cash flow, and proactively address any issues before they hurt your business.

Financial Analysis

By helping you to analyse your financial statements, we can help you identify areas of improvement over the longer term, and develop strategies to improve profitability and reduce costs. You’ll often find that there are efficiencies that you can bring to your business that you’d never have contemplated otherwise!

As your strategic partner, we can help you identify areas of overspending, develop strategies to reduce costs, and ultimately improve your profitability by analysing you cost structure and developing strategies to improve cost efficiency.

Budgeting and Forecasting

There is more to budgeting and forecasting than planning from week-to-week. In our business advisory services we will help you to build a budget that truly aligns with your financial goals and objectives. We can help you to identify areas of overspending, reduce costs, and improve profitability, while also planning for the future and increasing your business’ value.

Tax Planning

Very few business owners enjoy dealing with tax, but too often they hand their details over to an accountant that does little more than check boxes. NetSurplus’ business advisory services go far deeper than that. We will help you understand the tax implications of their business decisions, identify opportunities to minimise tax liabilities, and develop a tax strategy that aligns with your broader goals. Though us, your tax becomes a strategic opportunity.

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential component of any business strategy. One of our key business advisory services is to help you to develop a risk management framework that gives insight into your business risks and how you can manage them.

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics are essential for small businesses to see through their key financial metrics to make strategic decisions. We can help you here, too, by identifying key performance metrics, developing performance tracking systems, and creating strategies to improve performance.

Business Strategy

Finally, we can help you craft a business strategy as part of our business advisory services. We will help you analyse your business and what you want to achieve with it, and develop a comprehensive business strategy that identifies key performance metrics, and provides actionable insights to help you get it there.

Our value proposition

Running a successful small business isn’t easy. You’re wearing many hats day-to-day, and at the same time being expected to have a long-term strategy to help your business continue to thrive. What you need is a strategic partner that can help take the burden off you and allow you to focus on what’s important in your business.

That’s what we do at NetSurplus through our business advisory services. We don’t just manage the books for you and file your taxes. We look at the opportunities for your business and help you build a stronger, healthier, more productive, and more efficient business. Our advice is trusted across the small business owners of Sydney for being always on-point and offering a strong Return on Investment. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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